Food Sustainability

At Le Rainbow Catering, we are committed to sustainability and making a positive impact on our environment. We haveimplemented numerous sustainability initiatives throughout our operations, and are determined to reduce our carbon footprint. We have embarked on IoT and AI-based energy savings solution at our central kitchen to minimize energy consumption. Waste reduction is a top priority, and we actively engage in composting and recycling efforts to divert waste from landfills. We also started to prioritise sourcing our ingredients locally, supporting local farmers and reducing transportation emissions. Embracing sustainability at every aspect, our holistic approach ensures a truly eco-conscious culinary experience that delights the senses while preserving the planet. Read more.

Adoption of Plant-based ingredients

Le Rainbow is proud to be partnering with Unilever, a global giant, in adopting its “The Vegetarian Butcher” range of Halal certified plant based ingredients.

The Vegetarian Butcher aims to replicate the taste and texture you get from meat, while almost being indistinguishable from the real thing. By including more plant-based ingredients in our menus, we hope to involve more people to make reduce the carbon impact on the planet. Find out more.

Farm to Table

One of the first adopters to receive Singapore Food Agency’s Farm-To-Table logo recognition. Farm-To-Table is a food sourcing and production initiative that aims to bring fresher and healthier food to consumers by minimizing the distance between the farm where the food is produced and the table where it is consumed.We have successfully attained the Mid-Tier recognition under Singapore Food Agency’sFarm-To-Table Recognition Programme. This means that we have procured at least 15% of local produce in 2 specified food categories. This highlights our commitment to bringing fresh, locally grown produce directly to your plate, minimizing food miles and ensuring the highest quality ingredients.

Frux earth

Frux Earth is our sister brand, born during the Covid-19 pandemic. Using advanced Aquaponics IoT Technology, we are producing locally grown leafy vegetables and fishes, doing our part to contribute towards Singapore’s 30 by 30 goal. Le Rainbow works closely with Frux Earth to get the freshest greens supply, realising the Farm-To-Table concept.

Frux Earth’s efforts will help to increase our food security as a nation and make us more resilient to unexpected global supply chain changes. Le Rainbow is proud to support the works of our sister brand. Read more.

farm to table logo 2

Farm to Table Certification Level 2

Frux Earth (30 by 30 goal)

Vitality Box Local Produce

Farm to Table Dessert

Our menu

5 exciting combination to choose from within buffet, mini feast & bento. Discover now.

Crsipy Chicken Kale Salad with Catalina Dressing (Plant based)

Crisp “chicken” with freshness of kale and the sweetness of Catalina.

Chicken Spicy Black Bean Fried Udon (Plant Based)

Asian taste with eco-twist, spicy black beans and its Umami blends perfectly with plant based chicken for your palate enjoyment.

Marinated Pumpkin , Mushroom & Spinach

Infused with western herbs showered over sautéed mushroom, combined with  freshness & sweet tinge of pumpkin for an overall healthy yet tasty experience  

Black Pepper Chicken Shepherd’s Pie (Plant Based)

Taste of tradition, smooth creamy crust and appetizing plant based “meat” fillings with an eco twist.