LR Happiness Set ($248.00, 10-15Pax)


Enjoy a nice and warm gathering with your family and friends this Lunar New Year, with LE RAINBOW HAPPINESS SET!

Package Includes

    • Ee Fu Noodle w. Seafood OR Fragrant Lotus Leaf Rice
    • Braised Broccoli w. Abalone Mushroom
    • Yulan Chicken
    • Salt Pepper Golden Prawn
    • Rainbow Yam Ring w. Mixed Veggie
    • Pan Fried Gyoza w. Dip
    • Pomegranate Deli & Golden Crab Claw
    • Deluxe Fruit Platter
    • Almond Beancurd in Cup

Fortune Yu Sheng w. Bai Ling Mushroom

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