6 Best Halal Canapes for Your Wedding Reception in Singapore

Canapes are always a popular choice for wedding reception guests in Singapore. If you’ve chosen one of Le Rainbow Catering’s Le Amore, Le Beaute or Le Charme Wedding Reception Buffets, or our Le Nuptial Mini Wedding Feast, you and your guests will have the delight of enjoying little mouthfuls of deliciousness in the form of our lovely canapes.

These eye-catching bites pack a punch of flavour and are sure to be crowd-pleasers teamed with a cool glass of beverage in hand. Guests at your wedding reception can choose to eat these canapes as a precursor to the main meal or enjoy them along with other buffet dishes of your choosing.

This blog will dive into some of the most popular halal canapes we offer as part of our wedding buffet menus. From classic cocktail canapes like Salmon Gravlax with Sour Cream to fan-favourite dessert canapes like Tiramisu Shooters, here are seven of the best savoury and sweet canapes unique to Le Rainbow Catering.

Salmon Gravlax with Sour Cream

When in doubt over what to choose, one can never go wrong with a canape featuring the Scandinavian favourite—smoked salmon. Le Rainbow Catering’s Salmon Gravlax with Sour cream promises a refreshing burst of flavour in the mouth. Simple, elegant and easy to eat, this classic canape combination featuring silky salmon and fresh cream is sure to dance on the taste buds.

Where to find: Le Amore and Le Beaute Wedding Buffet menus, Le Nuptial Mini Wedding Feast menu

Avocado & Feta Cheese on Toast

Canapes traditionally refer to small bites specifically created with bread or pastry as a topping. Our Avocado and Feta Cheese on Toast canape go back to basics with an indulgent but healthy combination of rich, creamy avocado shot through with the briny goodness of feta cheese pieces, sitting pretty on perfectly portioned pieces of crunchy toast. This option is not only halal-friendly (as are all of Le Rainbow Catering’s food options) but also makes the best choice for a vegetarian option.

Featured in: Le Amore and Le Beaute Wedding Buffet menus

Prawn with Mango Salsa

This one is for the seafood lovers. Juicy prawn bites complemented by a zesty mango salsa combine to create this delectable canape unique to Le Rainbow Catering. Tangy, zesty and bursting with flavour, this colourful morsel that brings a taste of the sea is a treat for both the taste buds and the eyes.

Featured in: Le Amore and Le Beaute Wedding Buffet menus, Le Nuptial Mini Wedding Feast menu

Cucumber & Quail Egg in Sambal

Singaporean flavours reign supreme in this Cucumber & Quail Egg canape. The tingly sambal sauce brings the fire and balances out the richness of the quail egg, while refreshing bursts of cucumber cut through the heat for an utterly shiok experience in the mouth. If you enjoy spicy food, this is definitely an option to consider.

Featured in: Le Amore and Le Beaute Wedding Buffet menus, Le Nuptial Mini Wedding Feast menu

Tiramisu Shooter

What’s better than a slice of Tiramisu? Why, enjoying this coffee-flavoured dessert in a shooter, of course! This coffee flavoured dessert of Italian origin is sure to find fans among guests at your wedding reception. Luscious, creamy and layered with sumptuous mascarpone cheese, our Tiramisu Shooter comes in graceful little shot glasses for convenience. Topped with a dusting of cocoa powder, this is one menu item not to be missed.

Featured in: Le Charme, Le Amore and Le Beaute Wedding Buffet menus

Mini Creme Brulee

On the topic of deserts, Creme Brulee is sure to rank as one of the most popular among those with a sweet tooth. The rich, frothy custard which forms the base of this dessert is topped with a hardened disc of caramelised sugar to provide optimal cream and crunch with every satisfying bite.

Featured in: Le Charme, Le Amore and Le Beaute Wedding Buffet menus

Choose Le Rainbow Catering For Your Wedding Reception!

If our menu items above have piqued your interest, or better yet, enticed your taste buds, get in touch with us to find out more about the food we can whip up for your wedding reception in Singapore! We look forward to serving you and your wedding guests our MUIS-certified halal menu items!

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