Enjoy Buffet in Box with Bento Meal Catering in Singapore

Bento boxes are an excellent way to enjoy complete, healthy meals with infinite variations. Instead of a large amount of a certain food, bento boxes allow you to enjoy tailored amounts of a variety of dishes. Basically, you’ll get to enjoy a buffet in a box!

Similar to traditional Japanese teishoku-style meals, the idea behind bento boxes is to have a balanced, complete meal. Bento boxes usually contain a well-rounded selection of carbohydrates,  protein and vegetables. In addition, some boxes add a savoury snack like a chicken nugget or fried fish ball.

Popular with children and adults alike, bento boxes are an excellent way of enjoying a variety of dishes in a convenient takeout container. Order some extras for storage in the freezer and microwave a delicious, balanced meal when you get the munchies the next day.

Too busy to cook and looking for bento catering services in Singapore?  Our team of passionate foodies at Le Rainbow Catering have been providing food catering throughout the country since 2016. Browse our Exquisite Bento options or our more affordable Rainbow Bento options to make your pick and we’ll have our halal-certified bento meals delivered to your doorstep in no time!

Halal Bento Catering for Personal and Corporate Events

Whether you’re looking to cater meals in Singapore for friends, family, or co-workers, bento boxes are a convenient way of enjoying a delicious and satisfying meal in the comfort of your home or office environment.

Corporate events, especially large scale ones, typically have massive queues at the buffet tables. As social distancing has become a part of the new normal in Singapore, bento boxes allow you to provide your event attendees with the best of a buffet experience neatly packaged in a box. The “grab-and-go” nature of bento boxes is a quick way to serve a large group of people efficiently. They can then break into smaller groups to enjoy their meal together.

Bento boxes can also be ordered for family gatherings for a fuss-free time bonding over a nutritious meal. You’ll be able to save on the trouble of washing up with disposable bento boxes. Leftover sets can even be brought to the office for a balanced meal ready to be microwaved and relished the next day.

The Le Rainbow Catering Bento Experience

The dishes in our bento boxes draw inspiration from Western, Asian, and local Singaporean flavours in an exciting fusion of taste. We are hugely passionate about food and constantly work with our talented chefs on improving our recipes according to customer feedback. All our bento catering options are certified halal by MUIS and we pride ourselves on using the latest automated equipment and facilities to prepare and cook our dishes.

Some popular options in our bento sets include:

Starters – A variety of Salads like Mushroom, Caesar, Smoked Duck, Hawaiian Chicken with Pineapple, and Potato.

Mains – Ee Fu Noodle with Prawns, Basmati Rice with Indian Spices, Spanish Seafood Paella, Spaghetti Aglio Olio with Seafood, Nasi Goreng, and Mee Goreng.

Poultry and Meat – Grilled Teriyaki Chicken, Steamed Hainanese Chicken, Tandoori Chicken, Roasted Chicken, Indian Style Biryani Chicken, Stir-Fried Beef, and Lamb Stroganoff.

Seafood – Baked Snapper, Baked Salmon, Jumbo Cereal Prawn, Butter Glazed Prawn, and Black Pepper Squid, and Salted Egg Squid.

Veggies – Asparagus with Mushroom, Broccoli and Baby Carrots, Cauliflower and Cherry Tomato, and French Beans with Mushroom.

Savoury Snacks – Seafood Siew Mai, Lobster Ball, Crab Claw, Gyoza, and Fish Fritters.

Desserts – Grass Jelly, Almond Bean Curd, Mango Pudding, and Jelly with Nata de Coco.

Are you hungry yet? Browse our mouth-watering menus now and let us take care of your catering needs in Singapore. We aspire to be the best bento catering provider in the country!